This is only a spattering of the skills and services I can provide to you and your brand. If you're excited about an awesome project that isn't listed here, don't fret! Contact me and we'll make it happen!
Graphic Design
With over a decade of experience in the design and marketing worlds, my design style connects with the unique aesthetics and needs of each client while keeping ahead of the curve on design trends. I specialize in branding across many platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. This typically includes banners, thumbnails, photo edits, and animations for a consistently strong brand image across all your platforms. Additionally, I can help with editing and scheduling of all types of content, keeping your brand in mind and growing your social presence.
Your logo is the face of your brand, and it should be representative of your brand's core values and personality. I work closely with clients to create unique logos that connect to their target audience and help their brand stand out.

Website Design
In need of a custom website, wordpress blog, or some help setting up your wix or squarespace website? I'm here for you! Your website is the place where potential customers are transformed into loyal clients, and even fans! Together we can find the best way to represent your brand to the global market.
Video Editing
Have a great idea for a YouTube channel but don't have the time or skills for all the technical work? Good news, I love it! Just send me your video footage and I'll put together a cleanly edited video for you to upload. Then you can sit back and watch the views pour in.
Instagram has truly transformed from a simple photo sharing app to a video powerhouse. To keep up with the trend, you'll need strong reels to draw new audience, and direct them to your website, shop, or other social platforms. I'm here to help you plan, edit, and schedule those reels, so your social presence can continue to grow and thrive, without any added pressure on your day-to-day.

Twitch Channel Branding
Creating a unique look for your Twitch channel, not only creates a special space for your followers to enjoy, but it also makes you recognizable and inspires your audience to return for stream after stream. I have an Etsy Shop full of aesthetic and affordable graphics for you to choose from, and I also take custom orders for a more bespoke look!
Already affiliated with Twitch and needing all those extra touches to make your channel really sparkle? I got you! My Etsy Shop is full of sub badges, channel points, and animated emotes for you to choose from. I also take custom orders for a completely unique look.
Brands I've Had the Pleasure to Work With
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